Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to quit smoking

Deciding how to quit smoking is one of the best decisions you can possibly take and a difficult choice to cope with. These are some of the ways to quit smoking and remain smoke free.

Take an Oral Substitute:
In one study, about 25 percent of quitters found that an oral substitute was invaluable. Another 25 percent didn’t like the idea at all. They wanted a clean break with cigarettes. The rest weren’t certain. One can use cinnamon sticks, chewing gum or artificial cigarettes as a substitute. You will mostly find that after the first week of being a non smoker, you wouldn’t even need these.

Get Exercising:
Go to gym; sit in the steam, exercise. Change your normal routine, take time to walk or even go around the block or in the local park.

Pamper yourself:
Go ahead and join a yoga class or maybe reiki they’re great! Get a one hour massage, take a long bath – pamper yourself. Get yourself involved in a hobby.

Ask for support:
As for support from co-workers, friends and family members. Ask for their tolerance. Let them know you’re quitting, and that you might be edgy or grumpy for a few days. If you don’t ask for support, you’ll be surprised how much if can help. Ask friends and family members not to smoke in your presence.

Destroy all your Cigarettes:
On your quit day, hide all ashtrays and destroy all your cigarettes, preferably with water, so no past of them is smokeable.

Write it down:
Write down ten good things about being a non-smoker and ten bad things about smoking. It really helps.

Don’t Pretend:
Don’t pretend smoking wasn’t enjoyable it was. This is like losing a good friend and its okay to grieve the loss. Feel the grief, don’t worry, its okay. Feel and you heal. Stay with it and you can do it.

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