Thursday, December 4, 2008

For Improving Memory Power

1. PROCEDURAL/ KINESTHETIC MEMORY :Physical activities like riding bicycle, swimming etc , Stays in memory forever.

2. SEMANTIC MEMORY : Knowledge of language, concpts, ideas. Reasonably stays in memory.

3. EPISODE MEMORY : Situation based. Does not stay in memory for long.


1. Rmember by picturising than by words.

2. Repeat those things which you want to remember.

3. Involve in puzzles, riddles, brain - teasing games.

4. Memorise in small bits and pieces (instead of whole, big).

5. Avoid distrction (like phone calls, music, etc.) when you want to remember.

6. Use brain - Think, visualise, imagine.

7. Do physical exericises (increases oxygen content in blood).

8.Do relaxation techniques-slow breathing, meditation.

9. Avoid tranquilisers, alcohol,drugs . They affect memory power.

10 Eat more:

(a) Proteins
(b)Vitamins A,B,C,E: Fruits,greens.leafy vegetables, pulses, nuts, bread.

11. Don't worry that your memory power is less. The worry itself affects your memory.Only a relaxed mind can memorise better.

12. You notmally remember what you feel is important for you. Feel the importance of the thing which you want to remember.

13. Perform inverted postures which make more blood to flow into brain by the help of gravity.
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