Friday, March 27, 2009

Can't lose it ?

When your favourite jeans don't fit you anymore or you don't look as sexy as you used to in your little black dress, it's time to face up to the facts - you've put on weight!
But you don't understand how, since you exercise and try to eat healthy, or are even on a diet.

So why are you still piling on the pounds? Here are some points to think about:


This can play havoc with your metabolism. A slower metabolism means fewer calories are burnt. Stress is also the reason people tend to overeat.

A classic example is eating chocolates in the hope that you will feel better. "Don't burden your stomach with fatty foods. Fruits are a better option," says Dr Snehashish Gupta, a nutritionist.

Always sleepy

Sleep deprivation affects all the systems in your body. "It makes you tired and lethargic, because of which you need energy. This makes you start snacking on unhealthy foods which in turn stores fat in your cells," says Dr Gupta.

Starving? Not wise

Starving will affect your digestion and metabolic rate. When you starve yourself your body starts storing fat for later use.

"Moreover, when you starve your body, you tend to overeat after some time to fulfill your body's requirements. This is called binge eating," says Dr Gupta.

Unmask those calories

Certain foods that claim to be diet foods may in fact have a lot of hidden calories and preservatives which may be responsible for your weight gain.

"People blindly eat these unhealthy foods just because they are marketed well but ultimately they end up piling on these hidden calories," says Dr Tanya Menon, a nutritionist.

Couch potato

Ensure that you do not lack any kind of physical activity. Doing so will not allow you to burning the calories you consume. This is especially true if you have a desk job where you sit in one spot all day.

To maintain a good body, it's important that you exercise, eat healthy and get enough rest. If you are not able to burn the extra calories in spite of following all these methods, it's time to consult a nutritionist.

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