Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beat anger at office

Getting angry and frustrated is only natural. And, work can get so stressful at times that it only takes a little push before you are ready to blow up. But, getting angry at work is self-destructive and nothing good comes out of it. We bring you some ways to keep the ugly head of anger at bay on the job

In control

Do not ever let arguments get out of hand. Remember, no matter how laidback your office environment is, it's still a professional place and you have to treat it like that. Always maintain a level of professionalism at work. Never resort to name calling or worse - throwing punches!

Walk it out

The best stress- and anger-buster is a brisk walk. Take a few deep breaths and get some fresh air into your system. If you step away from the situation that is making you angry, it will help calm you down and put things in perspective. You also have a few uninterrupted moments to think the problem through.

Take a break

Just stop working for a while and clear your mind. Avoid the person who is making you angry for that time. A short break will refresh you and when you get back to work you'll be calmer and ready to deal with the co-worker who had your blood boiling a few minutes ago.

Stress ball

There's nothing as therapeutic as taking your anger out on a smiley-faced yellow ball. The stress ball will help you direct your anger onto something specific. It's the best alternative when you want to punch an annoying colleague! You could stick your boss's picture on the ball for maximum anger relief. Just don't let him see it though!

Music mantra

When you are angry, play some music that calms you down. Put on the iPod and listen to songs that will help ease your nerves. It also blocks the noise from the office when you aren't able to get out.

Anger is something we all have come face to face with. It could get ugly, especially at the workplace. But, if you follow these tips, you'll have a more peaceful work environment.

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