Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fruit Juices !

To meet your "five to nine pieces of fresh fruits a day" you can squeeze the fruits instead of peeling them and eating them by hand. Squeezing is much more efficient: one glass of 2 squeezed oranges, 2 mandarins and 1 grapefruit can be squeezed in 5 minutes. If you eat 1 banana afterwards you already have consumed 6 pieces of fresh fruits! This also means that you can consume the largest part of the required nutritional elements you need for a day in just 10 minutes...

The best way to consume fruit is raw, with its skin or with the skin peeled off on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before other meals. If you're not such a fruit-eater and want to have more from the good stuff, the best way to start eating fruit is to squeeze fruit juices. In this way you can get used to fruit and after drinking juices for a while you'll see that your appetite to have raw fruits will increase.

Aren't many fibers lost if you squeeze fruit?
Squeezed fruit is as healthy as eating a piece of raw fruit out of your hand. Unlike many people think there is not a whole lot of fruit flesh lost when you squeeze fruit. This means that your glass of orange juice does contain all the fibers you need!
These fibers prevent from many diseases. Fibers stimulate the digestive system so if you have a substantial amount of fruit intake it is not necessary to eat bran or other intestine stimulating foods.

Can, glass bottle and carton
Try to get it into your system: squeeze those wonder-fruits yourself everyday. Freshly squeezed juices are best. Magical characteristics are ascribed to freshly squeezed juice. Avoid to drink fruit juice from a can or glass bottle because when the bottle or can is closed the juice is heated and gets an acid structure. Juice from cartons, cans and glass bottles has been pasteurized. This means the juice has been heated (cooked) to kill all the germs. The heating of food changes the enzymes of the food so it looses (some of) its nutritious value. This means you can't substitute freshly squeezed juice by juice from cartons.

There is a huge variety of fruits.
Just wait until you get started with mangos, strawberries, peaches, apricots, limes and melons! There are thousands of combinations possible!

- Squeeze at least one fruit drink a day. In this way you eat about 3 to 4 fruits so you can fulfill your daily need;
- Put some ice cubes in the blender with your juice. This cools your fruit drink quickly in summer;
- Put a little bit of banana in your juice mix and blend it like a milk-shake. This gives your fruit drink a certain softness and reduces the bitterness (caused by grapefruits for example);
- Take sweet fruits to blend. Use citrus fruits (oranges, red-grapefruits) as a basis and mix it in the blender with the sweet fruits of your choice. You can squeeze a jar of orange juice that you keep in the fridge and blend it with the fruit of your choice when you want to.

Be careful if you're not used to consuming much fruit, your body could start to detoxify and you even could feel worse than better in the beginning.

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