Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Hour for your Heart

Wine boosts blood levels of the fatty acids

You know that eating fish is a great way to get more heart-healthy omega-3s. But what about drinking wine?

It seems so. Wine itself doesn’t have any onega-3s, but research suggests that a bit of wine-not too much, not too little-somehow boosts blood levels of the fatty acids.
Wine and dine

Researchers aren’t sure why wine has this effect, but they suspect that polyphenols-key antioxidant compounds in wine-may play a role. Still, there’s a caveat with this health message: Alcohol may only be right for some people’s health-and then, only in moderation.
And drinking may have no benefits before a certain age.

Awesome omegas

Omega-3s are commonly found not only in fish but also in nuts. Here’s what they can do for you:

You heart loves omega-3s a lot
Omega-3s improve your memory as well
They also may help protect your kidneys

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