Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beat Stress with a Hobby

Bomb Blasts, financial meltdowns, pink slips….enough reason to be stressed out…but can you do something to distress? Stress is caused by continuously focusing on something without a break. It is the overload that pushes you into the ground. You need to shift your attention from what is causing stress to something that is enjoyable.

A hobby is an easy, practical way to beat stress, bring a smile on your face, and gleam in your eye. Get back to a childhood hobby – stamp or coin collecting, reading, listening to music or take up a new one.

Getting a Hobby:

Make time
You should set aside at least 4 to 6 hrs a week to pursue a hobby. Otherwise you will not be able to get the benefit of spending time in something outside of your area of focus.

Do what you love
Choose a hobby based on what you love – cooking, dancing, music. Join a class. This is a good way to make your secret desires a reality. The trick is to start and the magic will begin to unfold.

Use group power
Network and join a group that is already Including in a hobby group motivation is a great way forward, and once you gel with the group, even on your down-days, the commitment to the group will ensure that you attend the sessions regularly.

Publicize your passion
Talk about your hobby and blog it. You will be amazed how the factor called common ground will attract other similar hobbyists to you, and keep your motivation high to continue to the expert level.

Multiply your talent
Once you have reached the master level, propagate your hobby. When you take on the role of mentor, you not only get a greater kick out of your hobby, but subconsciously, you also renew your own value to the universe. Writing in your club/association newsletter will also build your stature, as you share your learning. The more you teach the more you learn.

Enhance family ties
Pursuing your hobby with members of your family will make the experience a lot more meaningful for you. By suing time in this manner, you get a double benefit – pursuing your hobby, and spending time with your loved ones.

Use mental dynamics
Discussion groups, social networks and think tanks are great tools for developing informal learning, through mutual sharing. Here you de-stress and also improve your social circle. Join a toastmaster club, crossword or scrabble club, or form a success group. Get your mind to workout too.


Priyanka said...

Hi thats true, we should maintain our calm, listen what other people say.
Everybody disturbed on ongoing global meltdown.
one way to distress lets blogit yaar....

Anonymous said...


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