Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick Yoga Tips

  • The time most suitable for Yoga is in the morning before breakfast when the mind is calm and fresh and the movements can be done with ease and vitality.
  • The most important things you'll need to get started - as they say - are a big heart and a small ego.
  • A person must seek a place of quietude, which is well ventilated, free from dust, insects, unpleasant smell, draught, and moisture. There should be no distraction whatsoever.
  • You must empty your bowels and bladder, clean your nostrils and throat of all mucus, consume a glass of lukewarm water and then begin the exercises after 15 minutes.
  • Always remember that you should begin with the easy postures and then proceed to the difficult ones. One must follow the graded steps of Yoga.
  • In the beginning, all movements should be practiced lightly and you must cease to go further if fatigue shows.
  • Yoga must pep up and not impart weariness and despondency.
  • Periods of relaxation are advisable if a particular exercise proves to be tiring.
  • Yoga trainers recommend a balanced diet (sattwik). There should be an interval of 4 hours between meals.
  • The ratio for the composition of meals should be:
    grains and cereals 30% of the calorific value
    dairy products 20%
    vegetables and roots 25%
    fruits and honey 20%
    nuts remaining 5%
  • Regarding the quantity of food, it should be moderate (mitahara), only that which satisfies one's appetite.
  • One should avoid overeating, fasting or eating once a day. Stale or non-nutritious food, you know, is harmful.
  • The clothing should be loose and as scanty as possible, because maximum amount of the skin should be exposed to air.
  • Form-fitting cotton/Lycra pants and shirts are the best.
  • The breathing should be long and deep. The mouth should be closed and inhale and exhale only through the nose.
  • Always take a mat of kusa or any other grass or hay for sitting postures.
  • For lying postures use a woolen carpet, and spread a clean sheet over it.
  • You can check out some other commercial Yoga accessories, like Yoga belt, foam blocks, Yoga pillows and rubber mats.

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